Brian Fallon, Local Honey - Engineer / Darlingside, Fish Pond Fish - Engineer / Wyn Doran, Thick of It - Mixing, Mastering / Death Cab for Cutie, The Blue EP - Engineer, Recording / John Shakespear, Spend Your Youth - Mixing / Delta Rae, The Light & The Dark - Mixing, Mastering / Nicotine Dolls, Sex, Addiction and Everyone Else - Engineer, Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering / The Moth & the Flame, Ruthless - Engineer / The Get Up Kids, Problems - Engineer / Kurt Vile, Bottle It In - Engineer / Stars, There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light - Engineer / The Wild Reeds, The World We Built - Engineer / John Airfield, 1999 - Mixing, Mastering / The Paper Kites, On The Train Ride Home.. - Engineer / Sannhet, So Numb - Engineer / Colony House, Only the Lonely - Engineer, Additional Production / White Cassette, New World Haunts - Mixing, Mastering /Japandroids, Near to the Wild Heart of Life - Assistant / Gracie and Rachel, Gracie and Rachel - Additional Production, Mixing, Producer / Augustines, This Is Your Life - Engineer, Mixing Engineer / Avers, Omega / Whatever - Mixing Assistant / Quiet Life, Foggy - Engineer, Mixing / Blind Pilot, And Then Like Lions - Mixing Assistant / Mates of State, You're Going to Make It - Mixing / San Fermin, Jackrabbit - Assistant Engineer / Kurt Vile, B'lieve I'm Goin Down... - Engineer / Delta Rae, After It All - Engineer, Mixing / Honeyblood, Honeyblood - Engineer, Mixing / Augustines, Augustines - Engineer, Mixing / The National, Trouble Will Find Me - Assistant Engineer / The Head and the Heart, Let's Be Still - Engineer, Mixing / Bell X1, Chop Chop - Engineer / Trey Anastasio, Traveler - Engineer, Mixing / Sharon Van Etten, Tramp - Mixing / Dry the River, Shallow Bed - Engineer / Mice Parade, Live: England vs. France - Mixing / Paul Banks, Julian Plenti Lives - Engineer, Mixing / The Zambonis, Five Minute Major (In D Minor) - Engineer, Mixing / Dispatch, Circles Around the Sun - Engineer, Additional Production / Paul Banks, Banks - Engineer, Mixing / Shearwater, Animal Joy - Engineer / Tapes 'n Tapes, Outside - Engineer, Assistant / Mates of State, Mountaintops - Engineer / Jónsi, Go Out-Recording / De Leon, Casata - Mixing / Frightened Rabbit, The Winter of Mixed Drinks - Engineer / Local Natives, Hummingbird - Engineer / The Kissaway Trail, Breach - Engineer / The Macaroons, Let's Go Coconuts! - Engineer, Mixing / The Philistines Jr., If a Band Plays In the Woods...? - Engineer / The National, High Violet - Engineer / Jónsi, Go - Engineer / Jukebox the Ghost, Everything Under the Sun - Engineer / We Were Promised Jetpacks, These Four Walls -Mixing / The Swell Season, Strict Joy - Engineer/Fanfarlo, Reservoir - Engineer, Recording / Paul Banks / Julian Plenti, Julian Plenti Is Skyscraper - Engineer / Locas in Love, Winter - Engineer / Titles, Up with the Sun - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering / Frightened Rabbit, The Midnight Organ Fight - Engineer / The Grates, Teeth Lost, Hearts Won - Assistant Engineer / Longwave, Secrets Are Sinister - Engineer, Audio Engineer / Mates of State, Re-Arrange Us - Engineer / Sam Champion, Heavenly Bender - Studio Assistant / Tokyo Police Club, Elephant Shell - Engineer / De Leon, DeLeon - Engineer / Karpatenhund, 5 Zusammen Verschwinden - Mixing / Oakley Hall, I'll Follow You - Assistant / The National, Boxer - Engineer / Anjula Prasad, Anjula - Engineer / The Leevees, How Do You Spell Channukkahh? -Second Engineer / The Leevees, Hanukkah Rocks - Engineer, Second Engineer / Interpol,C'mere - Assistant / Interpol, Antics-Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant / Talking to Walls, We Were Not So Tall - Producer, Engineer, Mixing / Caravan of Thieves, The Funhouse -Engineer, Mixing / Red Wire Black Wire, Robots & Roses - Engineer / Oliver Spalding, Novemberism - Mixing / Caravan of Thieves, Kiss Kiss - Engineer, Mixing, Additional Production / Quiet Life, Housebroken Man - Mixing, Engineering  /  Jónsi, Go Do  -  Recording  /  TRE:S, City of the Night  -  Mixing  /  The Von Bondies, Love, Hate, and Then There's You - Engineering



Mixing Rates:

Rates for mixing can be difficult to quote because a typical song can be anywhere from just a couple of tracks ranging all the way up to 120+ tracks. The time it takes can be a few hours up to three or four days. In an effort to give you the best estimate and be as fair as possible, I have broken out my mixing rates by number of tracks in the session. 

Please note that these prices are for songs that are prepped and ready to be mixed. The sessions should be edited for tightness, vocals should be tuned, and all fades should be cleaned up. I also take on projects that require additional production such as extensive editing, tuning, and timing - or even bringing in musicians to help reimagine a song. If your project includes that sort of work, please get in touch and we can discuss customized pricing.

Estimated Mixing Rates by Total Track Number:

1-20 tracks $300
20-90 tracks $600
90-120 tracks $900

Interested in a test mix?


I often offer a test mix to new clients so that we can get a feel for what it would be like to work together. I find that it's the best way to show what I can bring to the project, and allow me to get a feel for the aesthetic and process of the artist. It works like a non-refundable deposit. I charge a token fee of $100, paid up front, to start work in good faith. Once we establish that this was a successful partnership, and the track is approved, it is expected that the balance of the mix fee will be paid.


Have more than 120 tracks? Have questions on specifics or pricing? I’m always happy to go over the details before starting a project. Please reach out!

Stem Mixing:

Typically involves mixing 8 to 10 stereo tracks of drums, bass, guitar, vocals, backing vocals, keys, percussion, and miscellaneous. I also offer an option where I mix the individual drum tracks as well.

Stem Mix - $250 per song

Stem Mix with Drum Mix - $300 per song

Mastering Rates:

$60 per song, plus $60 for setup and sequencing.

Production/Tracking Rates:

Production/Tracking at Tarquin Studios - $1000/Day. Lodging included.



For information and booking:

Jesse Ferguson at Echo Bean Management


Call/Text: (860)302-5992

Thanks for submitting!